EPR in the Battle Against Fast Fashion

From 30 May 2024 12:30 until 30 May 2024 15:00
At Online
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Join us for the second meeting of our Lunch-Debate series hosted by the EPR Club, focusing on the imperative of fomenting textile waste reuse through Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) schemes in the battle against fast fashion.


At the forefront of Europe’s drive towards circularity, the Circular Economy Package, EPR schemes at its core to reshape waste and resource policies. emerging as a vital policy tool, mandating EU Member States to separately collect textile waste by 2025. Under EPR schemes, producers are obligated to enhance the end-of-life phase of products and bear the costs of waste management. This proactive approach not only minimises the environmental footprint of textiles but also fosters circularity and streamlines end-of-life management practices.

Featuring a presentation on our comprehensive report on Recommendations and Good Practices for Local Used Textile Management, which delves into the intricacies of textile waste management, from the challenges posed by declining textile quality to the competition from fast fashion and online platforms.

We encourage your participation in the dialogue to explore:

  • Dealing with the 2025 sorting obligation when EPR systems will be implemented later on.
  • Ensuring that EPR schemes push for more eco-design and open the potential for the end-of-life of textiles.
  • Positioning existing/upcoming EPR systems on several topics: promoting collection systems, the role of charity organizations, municipalities, and private operators for operational aspects, upcycling and recycling, eco-consumption, and fast fashion, among others.

Join us as we explore key recommendations and industry best practices, navigating the complexities of textile waste management. Don’t miss this opportunity to engage with your fellow EPR Club members as we forge a path towards a more sustainable future.


  • 12:00 Light lunch
  • 12:30 Opening remarks by Françoise Bonnet, Secretary-General of ACR+
  • 12:35 Insights from the Report “Recommendations and Good Practices for Local Used Textile Management” by Jean-Benoit Bel, Project Manager at ACR+
  • 12:50 Marie-Jeanne Gaertner, Project & Policy Officer at RREUSE
  • 13:05 Speaker to be confirmed
  • 13:20 Discussion


Please register to attend. The event is open only for EPR Club members, ACR+ members or invited guests.


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