From idea to product with the help of Public Authorities

From 18 April 2024 10:00 until 18 April 2024 11:15
At Online
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In this webinar we learnt more about and listen to an example of how Public Procurement can inspire/promote the development of products/services and co-operate with companies (including start-ups and scale-ups) during the development process. In innovation-promoting procurement, the procuring entity defines its needs in terms of functional requirements instead of referring to standards, and the tenderers (entrepreneurs) can also present new types of solution models in their tenders. Innovation can be about a new product, service or process, new ways of organizing business activities or work organization. It can also be about when a product or service becomes cross-industry. Participating in an innovation procurement brings the entrepreneur closer to the user and target the actual value. It may also result in that first customer reference, which enables companies to create competitive advantages on the market.

This training module is the fourth of a total of five that are arranged within the framework of the BRINC-project. The target group for the trainings are small and medium-sized companies. All training opportunities (stand-alone modules) will cover different aspects of Public Procurement. Click here to listen to the first webinar “Public procurement – Also for small companies?” Click here to listen to the second webinar “What is Public Procurement? Learn how to navigate within Public Procurement”. Click here to listen to the third webinar “Intellectual Property Rights and Innovation Procurement”.







  • The Diaccess project | Andréa Swedenborg, Project Manager for the innovation project Diaccess
    Through the Diaccess project, Växjö municipality (Sweden) got the opportunity to collaborate with companies to jointly solve major societal challenges. “It was an inspiring way to collaborate, where the strengths of all parties were used in the best way. Collaborations across traditional organizational boundaries led us towards better solutions, for residents, society and all parties involved”.
  • An innnovation-promoting procurement from the inside: experience from Klimator AB | Emil Danielsson, CEO, Klimator AB
    The company Klimator AB took part in the Diaccess project and will tell us about their experiences from being involved in an innovation-promoting procurement. What were the benefits, what was challenging, would they do it again?
  • Legal aspects of innovation development projects | Malin Håkansson, Lawyer, Advokatbyrån Sigeman & Co AB
    The law firm Sigeman & Co. will take us through the most import legal aspects to bear in mind when engaging in an innovation development project in co-operation with a Procuring Entity. What should be considered in order to regulate the business aspects in the best possible way for both parties?
  • Funding Export of Innovation | Andreas Englöv Ek, CFO, Sustainable Business Hub
    Short introduction to guide “Funding Export of Innovation” which is soon to be launched.


The BRINC - Brokering cross-border innovation through clusters project brings together Public Authorities (PAs), who are looking for circular solutions, with companies. In this way, the PAs gain knowledge about which products and solutions the companies can offer, and/or the insight that their needs can be met in ways that they were previously unaware of.

The BRINC project is co-funded by the European Union's COSME program (Competitiveness of SMEs).


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