Circular demands for electric vehicle chargers

From 26 October 2023 11:00 until 26 October 2023 12:00
At Online
Categories: Projects' events
The BRINC project embarked on circular demands for electric vehicle chargers with Parkering Malmö (after supporting a procurement journey to reuse and recycle of single-use sanitary safety materials). This municipally-owned company would like to include in its upcoming tender circular requirements regarding lifespan and take-back. 

This workshop was a preparation to prepare for the online market dialogue set on 17 November. The goal was to enable Parkering Malmö to discuss its plans to invest in almost 200 EVCs in 2024, yet another 2,000-3,000 EVCs in the upcoming years, and especially with regard to compatibility, and the possibility of replacing components to increase the lifetime of the chargers. The meeting gathered diverse participants representing including ADDA, who contracts businesses for a great many of the municipalities in Sweden, Ecostandard, who sets the standards that are ending up as demands in procurements and Cenex a non-for-profit organization accelerating the shift to low emission transport and energy solutions through projects that support innovation and market development in Europe. Participants shared experiences to help Parkering Malmö to set relevant demands and discuss the topic in general.
Requirements of Parkering Malmö could be boiled down to the following three most relevant statements:
  • Prolonging the lifespan through flexibility in software upgrades/changes
  • Prolonging the lifespan through modularity facilitating repairs
  • Systems/declarations for retake and/or recyclability of EVCs

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