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LIFE REthink WASTE | Mirror group seminar about pay as you throw (PAYT) and know as you throw (KAYT)

On 19 February 2020
Categories: Projects' events

ACR+ was delighted to host representatives of municipal and regional authorities, consultants, and other waste practitioners to discuss pay-as-you-throw (PAYT) and know-as-you-throw (KAYT) schemes during a day-long seminar. Organised under the recently launched project LIFE REthinkWASTE – which explores how to design municipal tariff systems in order to improve waste governance – the seminar gave participants the opportunity to learn about noteworthy cases in PAYT and KAYT that have been carried out in recent years. The event took place in Brussels and was streamed live on YouTube and can be viewed at this link.


Below are the links to the presentations delivered during the morning session:

Twan van Leeuwen | PNO Consultants and COLLECTORS project | PAYT in Berlin and Tubbergen

Milene Matos | Lousada Municipality | Receive as you Throw in Lousada

Teresa Guerrero | Catalan Waste Agency | PAYT and KAYT in Catalonia | Presentation and video

Luca Del Col Balletto | Partitalia | The case of Miglianico

Michele Giavini | ARS Ambiente | Introduction to PAYT and KAYT & the case of Bergamo

Sven Peeters | MIYA Waste App

Tiziana Benassi | PAYT in Parma

Luigi Cuomo | Penisolaverde | The Ecological Treasure Island in Sorrento

Miguel Varela | Teimas | Rewarding recycling through Tropaverde

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