Quantifying the environmental impact of waste management practices in tourism

From 12 April 2019 11:00 until 12 April 2019 12:30
At Online
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The URBAN-WASTE project held its 4th webinar, entitled "Quantifying the environmental impact of waste management practices in tourism", on 12 April 2019, at 11:00 AM Brussels time.

As the URBAN-WASTE project is coming to its end, the project’s last webinars were dedicated to assessing and presenting the environmental, social and economic benefits of the eco-innovative measures deployed across the pilot cities and regions  to the wider public, especially targeting local and regional authorities, waste management workers and policy makers.

The project’s technical partners - BOKU University, Consulta Europa, University of Copenhagen, Bioazul, Aarhus University and Ambiente Italia - translated and adapted the findings from the project to the objectives of the webinars: present the replicability potential and enhance the exploitation of the project’s outcomes.


The first one, “Quantifying the environmental impact of waste management practices in tourism”, took place on 12 April at 11.00.

Over the course of 2017 and 2018, the 11 pilots were implementing various measures locally, ranging from biowaste management, separate waste collection and diverting different waste streams from landfills, adapting general waste management practices to tourism processes and enhancing existing tools with new IT solutions, waste collection infrastructure and much more. It’s worth mentioning the involvement of local stakeholders which played an important role in the both set-up and implementation phase.

The findings and the approach used for assessing the environmental benefits were presented on a case by case scenario, whether in CO2 savings or other measurable and coparable units. This approach does not only allow us to quantify the overall benefits of the measures but will also allow external participants and audience to use the same approach to quantify the benefits of their own strategies and practices compared to their own baseline scenarios.


11:00 Welcome and introduction

11:10 Quantification and assessment of the environmental benefits of waste management practices in tourism, Gudrun Obersteiner, BOKU University

11:30 Replicability potential of the URBAN-WASTE measures, Christian Fetner, University of Copenhagen

11.45 Questions from the audience

11.50 Intervention of one of the pilot cities


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