Communicating good practices and innovative measures to appropriate target groups

From 20 November 2018 11:30 until 20 November 2018 12:30
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After a long summer which is actually still bringing a lot of tourists to some of our pilot cities and regions the URBAN-WASTE series of webinars is to come back exploring and presenting some good practices and how to communicate them to different target groups – on 20 November at 11.30 CET.

The various measures being implemented in the 11 pilot cities and regions vary from promotion and installation of water fountains for tourists, collaboration with tourism establishments including hotels and restaurants, in order to minimise food waste production, improving tourists performances when it comes to waste separation on holidays and more. The essential challenge for these 11 pilots is to maximise the outreach and thus the efficiency of these measures. This is why the next webinar will focus on marketing measures and how to reach out to different target groups.

Regardless how much effort is put into a certain campaign, project or a new measure, communication and marketing activities must not be neglected as they ensure that the message would reach the envisaged target group. This target group could be very well defined, making it slightly easier to find the appropriate communication channel, while in many cases the target group is much wider and more general. This often requires mobilisation and use of several different communication methods, stakeholders and channels. Some of the cities which will be participating in this webinar went for various methods involving celebrities and other kind of support they could get from local stakeholders. We will also present a project similar to URBAN-WASTE, but focusing on UNESCO heritage cities. INTHERWASTE is an Interreg Europe project which is looking at UNESCO heritage sites, their specificity (architecture, infrastructure, accessibility) and how to optimise waste management operations in such circumstances. Tourism plays an important role as well, as these UNESCO heritage centres are the hotpots in terms of tourists’ itineraries. This project also has an implementation and communication phase which will be compared to the one we do in URBAN-WASTE.


  • Welcome and introduction (ACR+)
  • The importance of monitoring the outreach of an innovative measure/activity (Lorenzo Bono, Ambiente Italia - Susan Buckingham, gender auditor)
  • First Swap Market in Santander (Celia Gilsanz Gomez, Municipality of Santander)
  • London Upcycle Show (Dimitra Rappou, North London Waste Authority)
  • Implementation of innovative measures considering specific challenges in UNESCO heritage areas (Gema Quilez, SADECO, Cordoba)
  • Questions from the audience

Recording and presentations

The recording of the webinar and the presentations are available on the URBAN-WASTE website.

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