Boosting separate collection of paper and board for recycling

From 15 February 2018 11:00 until 15 February 2018 12:00

On 15 February 2018 ACR+ hosted a webinar entitled "Boosting separate collection of paper and board for recycling”.

This webinar presented and explained the main outcomes of the IMPACTPapeRec project which aims to boost the circular economy by promoting separate collection and further increases in paper recycling and avoiding landfilling and incineration. 19 partners across the paper value chain have contributed to creating a “Good and Best Practices Handbook for the collection of paper and board for recycling” in order to provide practical tools and concrete steps for improving paper and board collection on a territory.

After a few words on the project, the practical tools that have been developed during IMPACTPapeRec project were presented:

  • The Handbook of Good and Best practices which contains a selection of practices, illustrating existing examples of paper and board collection that are already in place somewhere else in Europe. Each Good and Best practice has a dedicated Factsheet that you can easily download. In each Factsheet you can read about the Background of the practice, How to Start with it, what to Keep in mind and Examples where the practice is already implemented.
  • The self-assessment tool which allows a territory to measure its performance in paper and board collection and management from 2015 all the way to 2030.
  • The decision-guiding tool for a step-by-step process of narrowing down and identifying solutions which are the best for a specific situation. By answering a number of questions, the tool will lead to the good and best practices which are most suitable for a territory.
  • The eLearning modules which have been designed specifically for busy practitioners. They are based on the project’s findings and outcomes and focus on two topics: selective collection and recycling.


  • Introduction
  • The project IMPACTPapeRec in a nutshell
  • The Good and Best Practices Handbook
  • Key performance indicators (KPI) tool
  • Selection tree
  • eLearning modules


The recording of the webinar as well as the presentations are available for ACR+ members in the Member Space.

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