Waste Management Intelligent Systems and Policies

From 25 May 2022 09:30 until 25 May 2022 16:45
Categories: ACR+ Events, project event

Innovation in waste management (like smart bins, use of smart apps, new digital imaging techniques, innovative business models, …) offer an excellent opportunity to improve policies aiming to minimise waste generation and promote resource efficiency. It is no surprise that innovation is a key component of the European Green Deal and Circular Economy Action Plan. However, the degree of introduction of innovative equipment and practices varies significantly from one territory to another.

Starting from this paradigm, the 9 partners of the Interreg Europe WINPOL project joined forces to mainstream the use of intelligent equipment and related waste management policies on their territories and beyond.

Thanks to WINPOL, partners exchanged experience and identified good practices, but most importantly they developed Action Plans to improve their own waste policies, putting into practice the knowledge gained.

After four and a half years, the WINPOL adventure will come to an end this autumn. Before closing the curtain down, the WINPOL partners had the pleasure to invite you to travel back on their steps and discuss not only the successes achieved at project level but also the progresses made in the use of intelligent systems and policies in waste management.

This event was web-streamed.


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