Improving the collection of paper and packaging waste: what is the impact on costs?

On 30 April 2020
At Online
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COLLECTORS is entering its final phase. But before we wrap up this fruitful project, our consortium is happy to announce the first in a series of three webinars that will summarise our findings. Throughout these three online events, we will highlight innovative approaches to waste collection systems. Each session will be devoted to a different waste stream covered by the COLLECTORS project, with a focus on a specific topic.

The first webinar was about the economic aspects of Paper and Packaging Waste (PPW) collection and sorting.

It showcased COLLECTORS’ work performing cost and benefit analyses of several case studies to illustrate how improving the performance of PPW waste sorting impacts the cost-benefit balance of waste collection systems. The webinar addressed the following question: can the selective collection be improved without increasing neither the general cost of the collection system nor the waste fee for citizens? To answer this, we gladly hosted three experts:

Twan Van Leeuwen, PNO Consultants: The costs of PPW waste collection system: a cross-analysis of 5 European cities.

Gabriele Folli: The case of Parma: introducing Pay-As-You-Throw (PAYT) while controlling the economic balance of the waste collection.

Michele Giavini, ARS Ambiente: A presentation by the Life-RETHINKWASTE project focusing on PAYT and KAYT (Know-As-You-Throw).

Check out the recording here.

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