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The European Observatory on municipal waste performances is an ACR+ project launched in 2010 focusing on the analysis of selective collection performances across different regional/local authorities in Europe.

Waste management monitoring at local and regional level is a key issue especially when considering the current recycling targets (50% by 2020) set by the Waste Framework Directive 2008/98/EC, and the review of the said targets.

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The project aims at creating a more transparent and effective collection of waste and recycling data via a pioneer group of regional and local authorities of comparable categories (typology of cities/regions) and simple shared objectives of quantitative benchmarking.

The ACR+ Observatory’s objective is sharing experiences and demonstrating best practices amongst different cities and regions to help them to:

•    achieve higher selective collection and recycling rates;
•    improve communication with citizens and stakeholders;
•    reduce the negative environmental and financial impacts.

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ACR+ works on data collection regarding specific waste streams such as bio-waste, packaging, plastic, etc., as well as regarding specific territory characteristics such as densely populated urban areas. More specifically, since the end of 2010, ACR+ has been developing an Observatory of municipal waste performances in Europe. The ACR+ team will capitalise on the various projects it is involved in to expand data collection and the identification of relevant good practices.

For the next three years, ACR+ will be getting inputs particularly from the COLLECTORS project, launched in December 2017, whose first year will be mainly dedicated to data collection. Furthermore, the Observary participants will have the opportunity to participate in COLLECTORS' Regional Working Group, benefiting from discussions and comparisons among local and regional authorities.

The work of the European Ovservatory on municipal waste focues on specific thematics and instruments. The latest published reports are:


Interested in joining the European Observatory on municipal waste?  It is simple, become an ACR+ member and join the Observatory!

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