In 2004, to celebrate its 10 years of existence, the ACR+ looked to extend its activities to cities of Central and Eastern European and  Mediterranean countries. The coordination of this project will be led by ACR+. In addition to the Algerian, Moroccan and Tunisian national authorities, the project will include ACR+ members and Maghrebian LRAs as partners.  
It is with this objective that ACR+ participated in the MED'ACT project. This project, financed by the European Commission, allowed the ACR+ to acquire a first successful experience in these countries. The contribution of the ACR+ consisted of the delivery of an analysis of integrated waste-product-resources management in the Tunisian city of Mahdia and in the definition of ideas for future improvement.  
This project helped us to take part in the development of the European neighbourhood policy and to strengthen ties with the competent services in the European Commission.  
Meetings organised in 18 February 2004 and in 29 April 2005 in Brussels helped us to open relations with representatives from Mediterranean cities and to identify the priorities for further cooperation.  ACR+ was also associated with the organisation of the Maghrebian Symposium on the efficient management of wastes that took place in Algiers on  7-9 May, 2005.



Conference of 29 April 2005

  • Programme of the International Conference  "Quelles orientations pour une coopération décentralisée entre la Région de Bruxelles-Capitale et les pays du Maghreb ? La gestion des déchets dans une perspective de développement durable" (in French)
  • Minutes of session  "Séminaire du 29 avril 2005: Résumé des sessions parallèles" (in French)
  • Draft  "Avant-projet d’accord de partenariat dans le domaine de la gestion intégrée des déchets et des ressources" (in French)
  • Warmer Bulletin article on the Conference "Séminaire international du 29 avril 2005 sur le thème de la coopération décentralisée entre la Région de Bruxelles-Capitale et les pays du Maghreb en matière de gestion durable des déchets". (in French)


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