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The CEYOU project – Circular Economy for Youth – aimed at promoting, engaging, connecting and empowering young people around the circular economy as a means to deal with the dangers to the environment and of climate change.

Project co-financed by the ERASMUS+ Programme of the European Union, 2019-2021


CEYOU produced many interesting tools to encourage and facilitate the involvement of young people and youth associations in the framework of circular economy initiatives. After the publication of the guidelines to establish permanent forums of dialogue between local authorities and youth organisations on circular economy, the CEYOU partners released a toolkit to support young people and youth organisations in developing and implementing training programmes, activities and events in the field of Circular Economy. Finally, it’s available a guide on the wide range of Open Educational Resources (OERs)already available online but spread over different web pages and websites. The toolkit organizes these resources following the different phases of project realization – from inspiration, to ideation and implementation, and can be used both individually and in groups. Multiplier events will be organised in the upcoming months in Belgium, France, Greece, Italy, Republic of North Macedonia, and Wales.


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