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SMART WASTE EU FLAG smallThe SMART WASTE project – Innovation in Waste Management Policies – aims at improving public policy instruments supporting innovation within waste management procedures, both in terms of new approaches and new technologies. The project looks at both new approaches and at new technologies applied in reusing, in reducing, recycling, and recovering the waste.

Project funded under the European Regional Development Fund of the European Union, 2019 - 2023


“Let’s talk about waste management on our territories.” This is how SMART WASTE partners started – without even knowing it – a very fruitful series of meetings. Without any specific agenda, partners are informally discussing and exchanging information on the topics central to the project. Sometimes the discussion brings them to the policy improvement on which they are working, sometimes they talk about waste data or explore other territories and fields. Initiated in April 2021, the so-called focus group has already been meeting four times and plans on continuing on this dynamic with the next meeting scheduled in September. 


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