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The LCA4Regions project – Improved Environment and Resource Efficiency through use of Life Cycle Instruments for implementation of regional policies of the European Union – endeavours to improve the effectiveness of the environmental policies through the adoption of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodologies. The project aims to integrate this typical business-related expertise into public policies implementation, in order to boost more efficient use of natural resources.

Project funded under the European Regional Development Fund of the European Union, 2019 - 2023


Once again it is virtually that LCA4Regions partners travelled for their 4th Transnational Learning Journey, which took them this time to Slovenia. During three days they discussed LCA in public procurements and materials. The journey combined good practices from partners’ regions, case studies of public procurement in Finland, and a peer-review to develop the future policy changes in Slovenia. Participants also got acquainted with the activities undertaken in Slovenia to adopt the legislation in the field of green public procurement and the use of life cycle methodologies, in particular life cycle costing.

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