Beligum authorities

Belgium and the three ACR+ members Brussels Environment, OVAM, and the Walloon region are in the spotlight of the United Nations Environment Programme. They are featured in an article about the current situation of the application of the circular economy principles in Belgium and concluding that the country is among the frontrunners in the transition towards CE.
This is due to the aligned efforts of the federal government and the three autonomous regions — Brussels-Capital, Wallonia, and Flanders. Belgium has set itself higher targets. For instance, by 2050, the Flemish region wants to have a circular economy where nothing is wasted. In Wallonia, organic waste will be separated from raw household waste throughout the region by the end of 2025.
The article highlights actions and plans implemented by the ACR+ members Brussels Environment, OVAM, and the Walloon region, to tackle, among others, waste from construction and demolition sector, food waste, and waste recycling.

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