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As of July 2020, a new waste tax will come into force in ACR+ member Barcelona. It is designed to encourage the selective collection and reduce the cost of waste management and the environmental impact it generates. With the new scheme, about three-quarters of the city's homes will pay between EUR 2 and 4 per month. About 12,500 households in vulnerable situations will be exempt, and users of fixed or mobile bring banks (currently 19,165 users) can benefit from reductions of up to 14% (from 1% for using of this service twice a year, to 14% for 15 uses or more per year).
Currently, in Barcelona, ​​the selective collection rate stands at 38.8%, with a cost of EUR 191 per household. If it reaches 60%, the price could be reduced to EUR 163. Indeed, the cost and the collection of residual waste is EUR 206 euros per tonne while the organic fraction has a cost of EUR 124 per tonne and the paper and glass treatment is approximately EUR 45 a tonne. The Barcelona City Council, which has already a pay-as-you-throw approach in the commercial field, has seen an improvement in recycling with this methodology.
Source: https://ajuntament.barcelona.cat (in Catalan)

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