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Life + Green Commerce Final Conference

With Green Commerce, small shops go green and save money!



19 September 2012 in Brussels

The final conference of the Life+ project Green Commerce tackled the following topics:

  • learn about good practices and simple solutions for a more sustainable retail sector in European cities
  • discover the assessment tool and the requirements for the Green Commerce label
  • listen to testimonies of shopkeepers and find out their own experiences
  • network with key people working towards sustainable, dynamic and prosperous small shops in urban area



With the end of the Life+ Green Commerce project approaching, ACR+ offered its members and other stakeholders the possibility of learning more about the project and its final conclusions during a webinar, held on Wednesday, 26 September.

To download the webinar presentation, click here.




To download the programme, please click here.

This event is organized with the support of the Life+ programme of the European Commission

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