Kick-off conference Upcycle Your Waste

From 11 Février 2021 09:15 until 11 Février 2021 11:45
At Online
Categories: ACR+ Members' events

The kick-off conference of the European project Upcycle Your Waste, involving ACR+ The Hague, will take place on 11 February 2021. The event, entitled "Minimise your waste. Maximise your business", will show examples on the reuse of waste, how to cut costs by doing more with waste, and how participating companies can become more circular.

Last year the project, which aims to support companies with reducing their waste stream, started carrying out waste scans in six-pilot areas.

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  1. Efficient use of raw materials in the region.
    A session for businesses and public officials to understand where the opportunities are in influencing circular processes.
  2. Presentation of a new online course about Circular Economy.
    We will present an e-learning platform on which we will have training material available for employees, students and professionals.
  3. A mini-hackathon as solution for waste materials.
    We will discuss problems with certain types of waste and together we will try to find a solution on how to approach it.
  4. How to get more value for your waste?
    We will show you successful examples on how to create more value with your waste. Which organisations can help? And can you benefit from it?
  5. Designing a new approach of working.
    The amount of workspace needed is reducing, what does it do to your current office concept?
  6. Revolution in a revenue model: A situation in the fishing industry.
    When is waste a new chance to generate more income?
  7. Ecopal, synergy maker.
    Ecopal uses a collective waste purchase system to help companies manage their waste more efficiently. What are the advantages?

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