ACR+ member the Southern Region Waste Management Office (SRWMO) of Ireland  launched a new "Greener Homes Hints" guide aimed at assisting decorating enthusiasts with tips and ideas on a greener way to "Do It Yourself".
The free 12 page booklet will help even the most inexperienced DIY hopeful to upcycle old furniture, redecorate their homes and create new household items from pre-loved goods, while also protecting the environment.
"Greener Home Hints" provides lots of ideas on how to reuse household goods, redecorate old furniture and reduce the amount of waste associated with decorating, while also helping to reduce costs and the negative impact on the environment.
Each year approximately 55 million litres of paint ends up as waste. The booklet is also helping to tackle this issue by pointing people towards paint calculators, sharing new ideas on how to use up left over paint and making people aware of paint donation sites.
The Greener Home Hints guide is available from
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