In 2015 ACR+ member LIPOR has received 55,691 tons of sorted materials from citizens, collected from Ecocontainers, drop-off-sites and selective collection areas. The citizens of the LIPOR intervention area sorted 10.569 tons of plastics and metals, 14.977 tons of paper and paperboard, 18.637 tons of glass and 11.508 tons of other materials.

Currently, the citizens of the LIPOR geographical area have at their disposal a complete system of infrastructures, equipment and services for the selective deposition of waste, in particular, drop-off-sites, Ecocontainers and door to door selective collection (available to around 136,000 inhabitants). This infrastructure is also complemented by a set of special collection services. This set of selective deposition structures is complemented by the sorting plant and support platforms, where the materials sorted by citizens undergo further more detailed separation, and are then later sent to recycling industries.

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