The Department of Rural Development and the Environment of ACR+ member Government of Navarra has launched a campaign to inform about the new bans on the sale of single-use plastic products, products made from oxo-degradable plastic and single-dose and/or capsules made from non-recyclable materials, which will come into force on 3 July in compliance with the Foral Law on Waste.

The creativity of the "Bye-bye plastic" campaign is accompanied by a QR code that leads to the OPREC website, which offers more technical and detailed information on the new regulation. From there you can also access an explanatory video created for the purpose, images of the objects that will be banned from circulation on the market and their sustainable alternatives, as well as other informative content. The message is summarised in slogans such as "Get out", "Nobody invited you to this party", "Go away and don't come back", "This is not a see you soon, it's a see you never!" and "Goodbye Plastic, we won't miss you!".

Source: (in Spanish)

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