Zero Waste Scotland 190pxTo help householders and businesses manage their waste during the coronavirus pandemic, ACR+ member Zero Waste Scotland, SEPA, COSLA and the Scottish Government have launched a campaign to raise awareness of changes to local waste collections, providing guidance and directing people to up-date-information. A website - – has been launched giving householders and businesses updates and guidance on how to manage waste. Local authority websites will continue to provide the latest updates on local service changes.
In addition, a platform has been launched by the same organisations, together with waste industry trade associations SESA, RMAS, REA, to connect local authorities requiring support in maintaining their waste services and private operators with capacity to help. The platform allows local authorities who may be temporarily short of resource, such as staff for waste collection vehicles or vehicles themselves, to match with organisations that could help fill the gaps. Private operators can list what they can offer for local authority use.
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