First ACR+ Webinar successfully completed

"Yes I should like to see more of these. Overall a great success. Not only did it save the council quite a bit of money in terms of flights, accommodation etc.. it saves on carbon so we are practicing what we preach. "

Brendan Murray, Belfast City Council

Participant in a webinar

ACR+ successfully organised its first webinar on October 6 2011, with Michel Sponar of the European Commission as a guest speaker.  The webinar title was: The European Resource Efficiency Roadmap - A new vision for EU waste management?

The new main piece of European policy, the ‘Resource Efficiency Roadmap’ was officially presented by the European Commission at the end of September 2011. A few days after, this webinar highlighted the main innovations of the Roadmap and its impact on the current and future European waste policies. Our members had the opportunity to interact with Michel Sponar, Policy Officer - Waste and Resource Management, DG ENV.

We hope to see you online at our next virtual event!

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