EWWR Sprit Grows in Europe

With more than 7000 Actions Planned, the EWWR is kicking off to a great start!

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With the support of the European Commission’s LIFE+ Programme, the European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR) is running for the third time between 19 and 27 November 2011, with the aim of informing large numbers of European citizens about the simple actions that they can take in everyday life to help contribute to waste reduction efforts.

According to the last count, 7035 EWWR actions are being implemented in 2011. These actions will be carried out across 20 countries, with the support of 34 organisers. The full list of participants and organizers can be found on the EWWR website.

Together take action, reduce waste! 

A variety of organizations, project developers, and NGOs etc. have been getting involved in the EWWR by carrying out awareness-raising actions about waste reduction, with various target audiences (citizens, employees, pupils, etc.). You can search for what is going on in your area in the EWWR database.

These actions will focus on the various stages of the product cycle, ranging from production and consumption to reuse. They will be focused on one or several of the 5 following themes: Too much waste – Better production – Better consumption – A longer life for products – Less waste thrown away.

The European character of the EWWR will be reinforced by several common actions that will take place during the Week in different locations in Europe but at the same time, using the same methods. The shared objective is to highlight the real impact on waste reduction. There are five categories of common actions, focusing on various symbolic issues: Paper waste reduction; Food waste reduction; Repair & reuse; Excessive packaging waste reduction; Clean-up days (to highlight the amount of waste thrown away).

The most outstanding European Week for Waste Reduction actions will be rewarded at the European Waste Reduction Awards Ceremony in June 2012 in Paris.

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