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Most mattresses today are discarded after an average of ten years of utilization. In the EU, according to European Bedding Industry Association, up to 30 million mattresses annually reach their end of life and it is estimated that 60% end up in landfill and 40% are incinerated. However, it is reported that almost 85% of their mass can be recycled through proper disassembly. Despite the high potential, recycling rate is very low. Designing and implementing and Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) scheme emerges as one possible solution to improving the circularity of mattresses.

In order to discuss these issues and more, the EPR Club will organize a lunch debate entitled “EPR for mattresses”. The event, in the form of webinar, will be held on 18th of May 2021. Gathering representatives of stakeholders from each segment in the value chain to share their positions, experiences and questions, the debate will provide an opportunity for interactive discussion on the role of the EPR in improving the whole life cycle management of mattresses. 

Register here.

Source: www.eprclub.eu

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