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Two new factsheets have been published on the Circular Europe Network’s database by ACR+, overviewing good practices implemented by London (UK) and Milan (Italy).
The Greater London Authority (the Mayor of London’s administration) and the London Waste and Recycling Board (LWARB) cooperated to develop and implement a route map for the city’s transition towards a circular economy, focusing especially on 5 areas: built environment, food, textiles, electricals and plastics. LWARB works with stakeholders across London to deliver the action plan contained within the route map. This work includes programmes to create the right conditions for the circular economy through collaboration, policy, finance, business support and promoting circular actions and models.
The Milan Food Policy was elaborated through the interaction of citizens, local authorities and stakeholders, and brought several initiatives and projects related to the topic of food. The municipality proves to be innovative, since it keeps updating, developing and working on the strategy by involving and engaging more cities through the promotion of the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact in order to generate international commitment on the topic of sustainable food.
Visit the website of the Circular Europe Network to discover more circular economy cases.

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