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The SWIM and H2020 Support Mechanism projects – Depollution of the Mediterranean & more sustainable use of scarce water resources – consists of two components, one on sustainable water management (SWIM Supporting Mechanism) and one on sustainable waste management (H2020 Supporting Mechanism), while ACR+ is involved in the latter. The concept of the SWIM-H2020 SM regional project is based upon a combination of awareness raising, policy advice, technical advice and capacity building.

Project co-financed by EuropAid.


The EU funded SWIM-H2020 SM Project organised in Beirut a five-day regional capacity building activity (25-29 June 2018) that includes a Study Tour of Leachate Treatment Facilities in Lebanon and the launching of an experience exchange process among Mediterranean peers working on leachate management.

This activity was implemented under the Horizon2020 component of the Project in an effort to address the acute problem of hazardous substances disposal such as leachate.


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