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ACR+ projects always refer to one of our 5 working themes:


working themes awareness
Awareness raising and communication
working themes op and monitoring
Operational instruments and monitoring
working themes legal
Legal and economic instruments
working themes strategy
Strategy and planning
working themes capacity building
Cooperation and capacity building


All Projects



LIFE FUTUREworking themes legal

2015 - 2018, LIFE+ programme 

The LIFE FUTURE project – Sustainable Urban FUrniTURE: Tool design to perform environmental assessments in the green procurement framework – aimed to promote green public procurement, focusing on the urban furniture sector. The project allowed to overcome the difficulties encountered by persons in charge of public procurement procedures when they have to include environmental clauses in call for tenders and assess the offers received, due to their limited knowledge on environmental mattersproject. It involved the development and validation of the GUF Tool, which is an online tool to support public bodies on the decision making related to the purchase of more environmentally friendly urban furniture.


PPI4Wasteworking themes legal

2015 - 2017, Horizon 2020

The PPI4Waste project – Promotion of Public Procurement of Innovation for Resource Efficiency and Waste Treatment – explored mechanisms to overcome barriers to public procurement of innovation in the waste sector.The project consortium worked on increasing innovative public procurement through networking, capacity-building, and dissemination with the aim of supporting resource efficiency, sustainable waste management and sustainable consumption throughout Europe 

IMPACTPapeRec logo web  

IMPACTPapeRecworking themes capacity building

2016 - 2018, Horizon 2020

The IMPACTPapeRec projectBoosting the implementation of participatory strategies on separate paper collection for efficient recycling aimed  to  further  increase  the  separate  collection  of  paper  for  recycling in Europe and to promote  appropriate  schemes  to  avoid  landfilling  and  incineration, through the identification and implementation of best practices.

Turkey Composts Logo ENG 400mp  

Turkey Composts!working themes capacity building

2016 - 2017, Civil Society Dialogue IV Programme

The project aimed at increasing composting practices in the municipalities of Turkey, supporting local governments in Turkey to implement the Regulation on Waste Management and in bio-waste management, increasing awareness of compost in the general public in Turkey and finally increasing cooperation between the local governments and CSOs working on waste and composting in Turkey and EU.


Don't waste our future (DWOF)working themes awareness

2015 - 2017, EuropeAid

The project aimed to build a European alliance of youngsters against food waste and for new models of sustainable development and consumption in the framework of the European Year for Development 2015. It intended to contribute to concrete behaviours change of the young generations, who are “today and tomorrow” consumers and future decision makers.

newapp logo grayscale  
NEWAPPworking themes op and monitoring

2013-2016, FP7-SME-2013

The project aimed to increase the amount of bio-waste diverted from landfill and incineration into high value products that can be used as fuel, activated carbons for water treatment, soil remediation, carbon sequestration schemes and other applications and to develop an alternative cost/resource-efficient and environmentally sound way of dealing with wet biomass waste through HTC (hydrothermal carbonisation) technology. 

SCOW logo  
SCOWworking themes capacity building

2013-2015, ENPI CBCMED

The objective was to develop low cost, technically simply and high quality bio-waste collection and recycling models in territories with touristic areas and agricultural activity.

logo MED3R  
MED-3Rworking themes capacity building

2012-2015, ENPI CBC MED

This project was a strategic euro-Mediterranean platform for integrated waste management within the ENPI Cross Border Cooperation MED Programme within the framework “Treatment and recycling of waste”. The project aimed to contribute to the establishment of an environmentally sound waste management system and develop appropriate strategies of collection and prevention.

R4R Logo  
R4Rworking themes op and monitoring

2012-2014, Interreg IVC

The project aimed at sharing good practices to improve selective collection and recycling schemes at regional and local level. Each partner introduced one new good practice in their territory and all contributed to the collection of waste management data. The project allowed for the comparison of recycling performances, the identification and transfer of good recycling practices and the wide spread dissemination of the project results beyond the project partners.

h2020 initiative  
Horizon2020 Capacity Buildingworking themes capacity building

2010-2014, EuropAid

The project aimed to build capacity for the implementation of Horizon2020 programmes in Mediterranean countries via series of training sessions and workshops.

MINIWASTEworking themes op and monitoring

2010-2012, LIFE+

The project aimed at demonstrating that it is possible to significantly reduce the amount of bio-waste at local level. The project focused the gathering and sharing of good practices and case studies implemented by European local and regional authorities.

PreWaste for Web  
Pre-wasteworking themes op and monitoring

2010-2012, INTERREG IVC

The project aimed to help local and regional authorities improve their waste prevention policies, in order to significantly reduce the production of waste and its hazards.


GC logo small

Green Commerce Projectworking themes awareness

2010-2012, LIFE+

The project aimed at promoting environmental responsibility in the retail sector.

gode cuidad resized  
GODEM - Gestion Optimisée des Déchets en Métiterranéeworking themes capacity building

2010-2012, EuropAid

The project aimed at creating a permanent knowledge base and network for exchanging experiences regarding sustainable and optimized waste management between local and regional authorities in the Mediterranean basin.

LGA web width100px  
LG Actionworking themes strategy

2009-2011, Energy Europe Programme

The project aimed at presenting local government (LG) positions relevant to climate and energy to a range of actors: local government associations and networks, national governments, the European Commission and feeding into the post-2012 climate negotiations

  kg width100px  
"-k" European Campaign for Waste Reductionworking themes awareness

2008, ACR+ Project

This project was an Europe-wide Campaign for waste reduction. It aimed at reducing municipal waste by 100 kg per inhabitant and per year.

MUE25 - Managing Urban Europe 25working themes strategy


The project aimed at improving the development and the implementation of environmental management systems for urban zones.

APPRICODworking themes capacity building

2003-2006, LIFE-Environment programme

The project aimed at developing a partnership between various European actors to promote the selective collection of plastic waste from construction and demolition (C&D) activities.

VERC - Virtual European Recycling Centerworking themes op and monitoring

2002-2005, Competitive and Sustainable Growth – DG Research

The project aimed to provide services to all recycling actors throughout Europe using the most recent advances in Information and Communication Technologies. The objectve was to increase the competitiveness of European Recycling Industry, the transprency in secondary materials exhanges and the recycling rations to reach the targets of actual and emerging legislation. View also the French version.

MED'ACTworking themes capacity building

2004-2005, North/South partnerships

The project aimed to develop new networking activities on practical/technical issues with cities from the Southern fringes of Europe

European Sustainabile Cities and Towns Campaignsworking themes awareness

Information campaign on local sustainable development and the implementation of the Aalborg Commitments.

ELISEE working themes awareness


Encouraging Local Initiatives for Sustainable Lifestyles in Enlarged Europe

R que Rworking themes capacity building

2003-2004, URB-AL – Europa – America Latina, EuropeAid

The project promoted the exchange and dissemination of experiences of good practices for the prevention, the selective collection and the reuse of solid waste, between European and South American cities.

Sustainable Consumption in Citiesworking themes awareness

2002-2003, Resourcities

European Campaign on Products without Waste and Recycled Products

European Sustainable Cities and Towns Campaign working themes awareness


The project aimed at promoting development towards sustainability through Local Agenda 21 or similar integrated planning processes and the strengthening of partnerships among all actors in the local community as well as inter-authority co-operation. See also the French version.

For a better plastic recyclingworking themes capacity building


Partnership agreement with six European Federations of plastics industry to improve the collection and recycling of plastics in Europe.

MEDIA-COMworking themes awareness


Prevention and Recycling of Urban Waste: An Inventory of Approaches in 18 European Cities" 

European Packaging Waste Management Systems working themes strategy

1999-2000, EPWMS

Promoting selective collection of plastics wasteworking themes awareness


ERNET - European Recycling Networkworking themes capacity building

2000-2002 FR version

URBALworking themes capacity building

Exchange of good practices between cities from Europe and from Latin America with the view to promote sustainable waste management

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