Youth and circular economy: what are the challenges?

From 16 Février 2022 18:00 until 16 Février 2022 20:00
Categories: Projects' events

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In the framework of the Erasmus+ CEYOU project, ACR+ organises a debate on youth and circular economy in Brussels titled “Youth and circular economy: what are the challenges?”. What are the tools provided to young people to be involved and empowered into local circular initiatives? Are they supported to take action and be part of the transition? How can the connection among youth and local authorities be reinforced? And, finally, what are the needs of young people to be empowered to understand and act upon environmental matters? These are just some of the questions that will be discussed during the debate, which will take place on 16 February at 18:00 CET in the Campus Solbosch (ULB). The event will be held mainly in French.
If you are a local organisation working with youth on the topic of sustainable development and circular economy, get in contact with us and share your story during the event. Reserve your seat by registering for the event.

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