NLWA 80pxEach week, ACR+ member NLWA receives around 2,300 tonnes of recycling. The vast majority of this recycling gets sorted and sold to be turned into something new. However, last year, 15% of the materials collected were contaminated with non-recyclables like nappies, food, clothes, or even black bags of rubbish. This spoilt the recycling so that it could not be turned into something new. That meant, that last year 18,000 tonnes of household recycling had to go to waste.

This year, in an attempt to curb the problem, NLWA is taking a fresh approach based on behavioural insight to help maximise recycling among its residents. NLWA launches an advertising campaign called ‘Thanks for trying’. The purpose of the campaign is to make sure that residents don’t put the wrong materials in their recycling bin. But it also recognises that many people who put the wrong material in their recycling bin do so with good intentions.


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