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The authorities in the ACR+ member Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (MRA) are preparing to make five concrete agreements during the MRA Sustainability Summit 2021 that will take place in October.

The draft agreement on the Wood Construction Green Deal stipulates that, starting in 2025, the authorities in the MRA will endeavour to build at least 20% of all new homes in wood construction/'bio-based' construction. This will involve at least 3,000 homes per year. Moreover, the draft agreement on the Green Deal Textiles includes the ambition to work towards a higher-quality collection of textiles with a minimum of 7 kilograms per inhabitant per year in 2025 and to work towards the collection of specific textile flows.

The other agreements that have been submitted in draft concern non-reusable plastic and circular procurement. The ambition is to stop using so-called 'single use plastics' at events and to have at least 50% of their own purchasing be circular by 2025.

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