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On 11 February 2020, ACR+ member Bruxelles Environnement presented its vision and ambitions for 2023, in link with climate objectives, during a one-day event entitled “Zero Waste Fast Forward”. The event was the occasion to explain where the Brussels-Capital region currently stands regarding its Waste-Resource Plan and introduce some zero waste initiatives already implemented on the territory. Several actors from the sector shared their point of views on topics linked with waste-resource-climate policies. The event was opened by Alain Maron (Brussels’ Environment and Public Cleanliness Minister), Janez Potočnik (Vice-President of the International Resources Panel and former European Commissioner for Environment), and ACR+ Secretary General Françoise Bonnet. She explained what the role of decentralised authorities in the transition towards a circular economy is, inviting them to be courageous and pro-active. Highlighting prevention as the main priority of a successful strategy, Françoise Bonnet encouraged local and regional authorities to federate stakeholders, including citizens, on their territories and share good practices and innovative initiatives implemented across Europe for them to become a norm.
Presentations made during the event are available online.
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