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ACR+ is pleased to welcome Xylokastro and Evrostini as a new member.

Xylokastro and Evrostini, is a well-known Greek municipality, in the Peloponnese Region, that covers 409.9 km² with a population of about 18,000 people.  With several large beaches, a semi-arid forests, evidence of early settlements and religious sites and a fine agricultural production it is considered one of the most beautiful and touristic places in continental Greece.

The Municipality follows a separate waste collection process: blue bins for recyclables and packaging waste (paper/cardboard, plastic and metal), green bins for residual waste and special bins/bells for glass. Recycling rate of the Municipal waste is below 10% and separate collection of organic waste (around 40% of the Municipal waste) is going to start this year. The Municipality is aiming at starting a composting process of the organic fraction.

Welcome on board! 

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