The “R4R online tool” to help cities and regions monitor and compare waste performances

The R4R project releases its online tool aimed at providing a common platform to share and compare waste data, link performances with local instruments and give access to a database of good practices.

Efficient waste management requires to monitor how waste is collected and treated at local level: knowing what has been done is an essential element to assess and improve waste strategies. It might seem obvious but proper monitoring is not always implemented at local level. This monitoring can also help to identify similar territories and compare with their performances and the tools (legal, economic, technical or communication) they are using. However, in order to make valuable comparisons and benchmarks, a common language is needed: a common methodology and shared definitions. Reporting obligations and transparency requirements can also be facilitated by an efficient monitoring system. The Regions for Recycling project (R4R) brings an answer to those needs by releasing an online tool based on a common methodology: the R4R Waste Platform.

The R4R online tool allows the user to:

  • Input general info & external factors
  • Input data following R4R methodology
  • Indicate which local instruments are in force on the user’s territory and fill in parameters for these local instruments
  • Benchmark with other European territories
  • Produce evolution reports
  • Get information about good practices.

The R4R online tool was released during a training event in Tallinn, Estonia, on 4 December 2013. During this event gathering over 100 participants, experts from various European cities and regions had the opportunity to discover the functionalities and benefits from this online tool. They were also presented with several examples of waste data monitoring systems implemented at local or regional level. The R4R online tool will also be showcased during the R4R project final congress on 23 October 2014 in Sofia (registration to this event is possible on the R4R final congress webpage).

The R4R online tool is based on a methodology that is compatible with Eurostat and EEA requirements in terms of reporting but clarifies some calculation issues and goes a little bit deeper in order to ensure a real comparison between territories. In particular, the R4R methodology puts in the spotlight waste quantities that are really aimed at being sent to recycling (the so-called “DREC – Destination RECycling” definition) and therefore provides a more accurate basis for comparison between European territories.

Cities and regions can access to the R4R online tool via the R4R website.

Regions for Recycling (R4R) is a 3-year European project (2012-2014) aiming at improving its partners’ recycling performances through consistent comparisons and an exchange of good practices. R4R involves 13 partners and is co-funded by the INTERREG IVC programme.

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