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The European Week for Waste Reduction 2015 (in Italy, SERR) was dedicated to the theme of "dematerialisation", namely: using fewer (or no) material to provide the same level of functionality to the user, moving from products to services and products sharing. The National Steering Committee for the Italian EWWR launched this edition during the Ecomondo Fair in Rimini, at the Utilitalia, ACR+ member, stand. A professional illusionist was invited to better explain the concept of dematerialisation in a fun way.

ANCI, the Italian Association of Municipalities, was present; Filippo Bernocchi, ANCI delegate on Energy & Waste, expressed the honour of being a member of the National Steering Committee. "Dematerialisation is a complex strategy that can be beneficial from an environmental perspective - adds Bernocchi - through prevention, minimization of the withdrawal of resources and reducing pollutants emission, with obvious advantages for users end, and for the improvement of the quality of life, for example by limiting the need for physical movement of goods and persons."

In 2015, Italy registered another year of excellent participation: 5,286 actions for the EWWR were registered, thus becoming the top country involved in Europe. Big players joined the EWWR in 2015 too, from the business world as well as from local and regional authorities and associations. In the use of fewer resources to achieve the same result, moving from materials to services and to products sharing, dematerialisation “is the future” according to Roberto Cavallo, AICA President and ACR+ Vice-President.

Sources: www.ansa.it and www.focus.it

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