OVAM has announced that the MVOO criteria tool is now available online. It consolidates criteria for socially responsible government procurement and encourages buyers to make their purchases more sustainable. The MVOO criteria tool is the result of collaboration between the Flemish government and the Dutch Central Government. 
The tool contains sustainability criteria and insights to help users make their purchases as socially responsible as possible. The criteria encompass key themes such as climate, circular economy, animal welfare, and working conditions. The various levels of ambition of the tool enable users to gradually make their purchases more sustainable at their own pace. This makes the process of drafting specifications for sustainable purchases much smoother. In the first phase, the MVOO criteria tool addresses seventeen product groups, including ICT hardware, cleaning, and office furniture. The tool will be regularly updated to keep the criteria up to date. 
Source: https://ovam.vlaanderen.be (in Dutch) 

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