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The 107 secondary school students who participated in the first Children's Citizens' Assembly presented their projects to the Paris Council on 23 May, focusing on environmental issues. Their projects addressed combating pollution, reducing waste, and raising awareness about responsible eating. Since November, these 107 volunteers from four schools and a child welfare center have worked in workshops, ultimately choosing the environment as their annual theme. The Paris Council unanimously adopted a proposal from the Children's Citizens' Assembly, urging the city to commit to four concrete actions: 
  • Organise an annual city-wide nature clean-up day for all Parisian children to raise environmental awareness. 
  • Promote reuse and recycling through collection and awareness activities in schools. 
  • Encourage responsible eating by launching a communication campaign on social media, including seasonal recipe videos. 
  • Inform Parisian children about the implementation of these measures. 
Source: (in French) 


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