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Greater Pamplona presented the first results of managing organic matter and green waste generated in the eight municipalities at its source following changes implemented in January 2023. The project “km 0” encompassed the transition from a centralised system (with organic matter collection via a 5th container and green waste collection) to a decentralised system, with household and community composting for organic matter and collection and shredding points for green waste. 
Among the positive results of the first year of experience, participation in kitchen waste composting increased by 82%, involving a total of 338 families. Additionally, kitchen organic matter recycling increased from 52.0 to 92.7 tonnes, marking a 78.2% increase. Across the eight municipalities, 335.3 tonnes of bio-waste have been recycled (92.7 tonnes of kitchen waste plus 242.6 tonnes of green waste and pruning). 
Source: (in Spanish) 

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