The Municipal Company for Urban Environment Services of Gijón (EMULSA) leads the newly approved European project Clear Cities “Promoting Carbon-Less Urban Waste management policies for sustainable, safe, and resilient cities”. The project has a budget of EUR 1 789 465 and will run from 1 April 2024 to 30 June 2028. Clear Cities aims to enhance waste management policies to establish more effective models with lower greenhouse gas emissions by exchanging experiences among partners at each stage of the waste management lifecycle: generation, collection, transportation, treatment and processing, and disposal. The partners will collaborate on identifying, exchanging, and implementing best practices focused on: 

  • Encouraging waste reduction and household and business recycling at the source. 

  • Promoting emission reduction and operational efficiency in waste collection and transportation. 

  • Implementing improvements in waste separation and treatment systems to minimise landfill waste through increased reuse, recycling and recovery operations. 

  • Exploring the integration of emerging technologies throughout the entire process. 

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