The Government of Navarra has approved a Decree on Public Events and Sustainability, developed by the Department of Rural Development and Environment, to prevent waste generation and improve waste management and environmental sustainability at public events. The Decree will apply to all events held in Navarra sponsored, organised or subsidised by public administrations. 
The decree establishes a series of mandatory prevention measures. The use and/or delivery of single-use plastic products will not be allowed. Additionally, single-use containers for the free distribution of beverages, including water, will not be permitted, nor will the sale and distribution of single-use cups for beverages. Alternatives to single-use containers must be implemented for both distribution and sale. Mandatory separation and management measures are also required. Containers, properly marked, for at least five waste fractions must be provided. To prevent the abandonment of containers, the administrations must promote a deposit-return-system whenever it is implemented. 
Source: (in Spanish) 

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