In 2023, LIPOR received approximately 68 028 tonnes of materials for multi-material recycling of paper/cardboard, plastic, metal and glass, marking a growth of about +3% compared to 2022. These materials were sourced from door-to-door selective collection, proximity collection with restricted access, civic amenity sites and ecocenters. 
Furthermore, LIPOR received 51 889 tonnes of organic waste from selective biowaste collection and the expansion of door-to-door and proximity collection projects, reflecting an increase of +8% compared to 2022. An encouraging development is the decrease in municipal waste production by -1.2%, equivalent to 4 519 fewer tonnes compared to 2022.  
Additionally, only 11 546 tonnes of waste were deposited in landfills, representing a mere 2% of the waste generated in the eight Associated Municipalities. 
Source: (in Portuguese) 





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