Scotland is at a crucial point as it considers the Wellbeing and Sustainable Development Bill, aimed at ensuring policies prioritise the wellbeing of current and future generations. A key aspect is the proposal for a Future Generations Commissioner, who would advocate for future people in Scotland. In an article published on LinkedIn, Iain Gulland CEO of Zero Waste Scotland suggests the commissioner could significantly contribute to a sustainable future by: 
  • Providing long-term perspective: Transitioning to a circular economy is a transformative journey requiring foresight. The commissioner would advocate for policies considering future needs, ensuring the ecological crisis remains a priority. 
  • Tackling intergenerational inequality: A just transition requires addressing persistent inequalities and spreading the benefits of sustainable development equitably. The commissioner would ensure intergenerational justice is central to this transition. 
  • Improving governance: Transitioning to a circular economy demands systemic change across sectors. Effective governance, with a forward-thinking approach, is crucial. The commissioner's office could provide the holistic oversight needed for this complex transition. 




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