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Following the implementation of various waste collection systems in urban and rural areas, Greater Pamplona is set to reevaluate waste collection in the industrial estates of the region. To kickstart this process, a pilot project will be initiated in the Landaben industrial estate next autumn. The current system with street containers in industrial estates has proven inefficient for waste collection, often leading to these points becoming dumping grounds for industrial waste, debris, bulky items, and other inappropriate and hazardous materials. Therefore, Greater Pamplona has designed a new collection system that will remove all street containers and place them inside each company for the collection of all types of household-like waste generated. Additionally, there will be a transition in billing towards a pay-per-generation model based on each company's usage of the system. 
Once the results of this initial pilot project are analysed and necessary adjustments are identified, there will be a gradual rollout of this collection system across the various industrial estates in the region, encompassing approximately 4 000 companies. 
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The region of Navarra is currently studying new solutions for the valorisation of inert and inorganic industry and construction waste through the Interreg Europe project INERTWASTE

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