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ACR+ member the Catalan Waste Agency (ARC) has presented the results of the balance of municipal waste management for the year 2022. Of the total municipal waste, 45.3% was selectively collected (1 740 360 tonnes), representing 0.3% more than in 2021. The main selective collection fractions, organic waste, glass and packaging have increased slightly compared to the previous year. The fraction with the highest increase is packaging (7.0%), followed by glass (5.3%). The organic waste grew less with 1.4%. Paper, on the other hand, decreased by 4.5%. 
In terms of municipal waste generation, 3.8 million tonnes of municipal waste were generated in 2022, 1.2% less than in 2021. As for mixed waste, it has accounted for 54.7% of the total municipal waste generated, 2 098 540 tonnes. According to ARC Director, the current selective collection systems have already reached their maximum, and what is needed is to move towards efficient selective collection systems (door-to-door or closed containers with user identification). 
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