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Over 10 million plastic bottles have been placed in the PlasTiPremia eco-compactors in Genoa, a waste collecting system carried out by ACR member AMIU. Genoese residents continue to actively participate in the separate waste collection program, with 18 eco-compactors in the city. The milestone of 10 million bottles represents 300 tonnes of recycled material. PlasTiPremia is an initiative through which people who use containers to dispose of plastic containers and drink cartons register these actions in an app and obtain rewards to spend in neighborhood stores or supermarkets, or other incentives linked to sustainable mobility, culture, sport and health. It has disbursed EUR 92 300 in discount coupons, generating over half a million euro of economic impact. In addition to plastic, cartons for beverages and food, as well as cans, can also be deposited in some eco-compactors.
Source: (in Italian)

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