In the framework of the upPE-T project, ACR+ member Unione Nazionale Consumatori Umbria, together with the Institut za ravoj i inovacije in Serbia, conducted a study on the behaviour of European citizens and consumers regarding the food and beverage recycling rate. Three pilot countries were considered: Finland, Italy and Serbia, respectively with the highest food and drink packaging rate, recycling rate around the European average and the lowest recycling rates. A total of 500 interviews were carried out with the aim of collecting information on the consumer's consumption habits and purchasing processes.
About the information on the subject and on the operations concerning separate collection, Italy and Finland appear to be better informed than Serbia. Regarding the importance that the citizens give to a correct separate collection, the report shows that in Italy there seems to be a greater sensibility than in the other two countries with 67,2% (41% in Finland and 37% in Serbia).

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