ACR+ member Brussels Environment informed that the government of the Brussels-Capital Region has adopted BRUDALEX 2.0, the framework decree on waste management in the region. These actions aim at reducing Brussels-Capital Region's direct and indirect emissions in order to meet the overall objective of reducing CO2 emissions by 47% by 2030. 

The main concrete measures include the obligation to sort bio-waste for professionals from 1 May 2023; the increase in sorting and selective collection of metal, wood, plastic film, rubble, etc; the exemplary behaviour of public authorities, which will have to progressively ban all single-use packaging for serving drinks and food and give preference to tap water by July 2023; the end of systematic incineration of mattresses and the stimulation of the creation of a real recycling sector; and the encouragement and support for composting for individuals and companies. 

Source: (in French) 




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