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ACR+ member Sofia Municipality has launched a website with an interactive map in which the citizens of Sofia can find information on how and where to dispose all types of household waste separately. The aim is to raise awareness and to increase waste sorting and recycling in the city.

The “NoWaste” interactive map shows the locations of the nearest containers for separate collection of waste, as well as the municipal sites for secondary raw materials in each district of the city. The website contains further specific information on the different waste types and the mode of collection for each one of them – including paper and packaging waste, WEEE, batteries, organic and green waste, textiles, construction and demolition waste, furniture, oils, tires and hazardous waste.

Informational stickers and infographics have been prepared to be distributed in all 24 districts of the city to explain in a very visual and understandable way to the citizens what they should do with the waste that needs to be collected separately. The aim is for the information to reach as many citizens as possible in order to motivate and facilitate them in contributing to environmental protection and improvement of their city.

Sources: and (in Bulgarian)

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