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ACR+ member Lipor is organising, in cooperation with ACR+, an international conference ”Regions, Cities and Organizations Promoting Circular Economy”. The conference is building on the clear message that circular economy is one of the key elements that ensure the survival and prosperity of life, and therefore circular economy needs products, services and business models that are committed to its principles and fully aligned in its purposes. Regions, cities and companies are already integrating the principles of the circular economy into their dynamics, allowing new opportunities to emerge and generating benefits on multiple areas.

The conference will gather some actors advancing the transition towards circular economy. As such, do not miss the chance to participate and discover the progresses that has already been made. Among the participants, ACR+ will present the Role of Regions and Cities in the European Policy for the Circular Economy. In addition to that, ACR+ members Zero Waste Scotland and Orée will discuss circular economy strategies and territorial management of materials while ACR+ members Brussels and Maribor will discuss the development of a circular economy strategy in an urban context.

The conference will take place in Porto, Portugal, on 21 March 2018. 

The full programme of the Conference is available here.


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