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ACR+ member CITEO has started an awareness campaign targetting Millennials to encourage this generation to sort their waste regularly. As such, the video campaign aims at showcasing that sorting is not only a green-gesture, but also a lifestyle. With a final message being that "Sorting is turning waste into resources for tomorrow”.

Born between 1980 and 2000, the Millennials grew up with the development of technology. Distinguished as being a hyperconnected generation, notably through social media networks, Millenials are not that keen on sorting. A study conducted upon request of CITEO in 2014, revealed that only 32 % of young parents sort their waste regularly. The figures slightly increase for young couples without children, reaching 34% as well as active single youth (43%). The average in the country being 44%. The results can be mainly explained by the lifestyle and activities as well as number of people in the household.

Thereby, to engage Millennials and encourage them to sort their waste regularly, it is important to change their perception of sorting. Currently considered as a constraint and an obligation, it needs to become a cool and rewarding gesture which enables everyone to do something for the environment.

The videos campaign will run online and on the main social media channels for 3 weeks.

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